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Introduction Thread

Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Pixie » 27. Sep 2011, 12:07

sure jackf, cuz this is what i am trying to prove :P.

well when you lose to me just pretend i am a guy so you wont say i got beaten by a girl ^^. lovely no? :P
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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Dreamweaver » 3. Oct 2011, 15:40

There are so many people here in this forum who are convinced that Pixie is a girl. Because they heard the voice.
I'm Garth Marenghi. Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Plus actor. You're about to enter the world of my imagination. You are entering my Darkplace.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Pixie » 13. Oct 2011, 14:01


i am Pixie, rather like i am Amit!

guess how old i am today? :P

i live in israel, netanya.
living on my own department and its fun!

nothing much to say, i can say i am a avrage player in nox, like to play it sometimes, and yes i am sometimes childish... drak!
i am quiet alot on the army, hopefully i am done with it soon ^^. mostly hopeing to be able to play with you guys on saturdays!
i love my dogs/cats, play with them and they aer so cute! more realiable than Jackf thats for sure :P.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Squall » 5. Feb 2012, 10:04

Hi there! I am from Russia and IRL my name is Oleg, so you can call me that.
I'm studying at the Saint-Petersbourg Institute of commerce and trade, and almost all free time I have I spend on games. i'm too lazy to be a sportsman so I perceive multiplayer games I play(Nox, Warcraft 3 tft, Tekken 6) as a cyber-sports. And it's making me happy when I play with my friends :)
About non-multiplayer games, I am big fan of Final Fantasy series, as you can see(my nickname's a name of main hero of FF8). Actually, I like j-rpg genre generally :)
I like to listen to music,in the main some hard sorts - death, industrial metal, etc, and my favourite band is Marilyn Manson <3
In Nox you can see me as a quite good warrior, firstly (just had alot of practise so I almost mastered this class, at the least, I think so :lol: ), but my favourite class is a wizard anyway, even if I'm playing like a newbie :P And last of classes, conjurer, is pretty bad and I'm having a lot of practise recently.
Well finally, if you want to ask me something about myself, then do it :)
Always yours, Squall
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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Pixie » 7. Feb 2012, 20:37

i also play League of Legends sometimse lol :P
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