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Postby Quentin » 10. Oct 2020, 01:55

Currently i'm only working on wizard and warrior. I'm not 100% sure if i want to implement a Nox-like conjurer.

I was never the biggest fan of the conjurerer. Sure, i want a xbows, summons and nature magic but not necessarily in one package. A few ideas:

- Xbows/bows could be given to the warrior, expanding his weapon arsenal and possible playstyles further.
- There could be an assassin char that uses Xbows/bows. But i'm not a big fan of that idea i think.
- Summons and nature magic could be given to a druid/shapeshifter char. (think diablo druid)

So no elements would be lost and shapeshifting could be added. Currently i'm just considering options.
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