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Research: Spell-System

Research: Spell-System

Postby Quentin » 7. Jan 2019, 19:46

Recreation of the fast paced Nox core gameplay is top priority but i don't want to make a 1:1 copy of the spell system.

Magicka spell system
+ Creativity during spell casting
+ Elemental based nullification and weakness counter system
+ Combos based on the elemetal weakness counter system
- Slow casting, needs extra button to confirm spell
- Learning curve is steep because of all the (useless) spell combinations
- Dozens of almost same spells which are just a little weaker or stronger, at the same time the actual spell types are pretty limited. There are only about ~10 spell types in total.

Nox spell system
+ Fast paced, no casting time and no cooldowns
+ Spelltype based nullification and reversing counter system
+ Spell-kill-combos: DRAY-Burn, DRAY-Lightning etc.
/ Actually there is one instance of an elemental weakness system: lightning vs. plate armor...
- There is creativity in the selection of your spells, but it's pretty limited

My goal is a spell system which allows for creativity without compromising the fast pace. Basically the best features from Nox and Magcika systems combined together.

- Interaction of elements. The simplest example: water counters fire which counters frost spells.
- One thing i want to explore is the interaction and manipulation of already cast spells.
- Another idea is spell mixing, but precasted (hence faster). Cast "lightning/fire/arcane/whatever-boost" and all your spells gain that elemental modifier for the next spell, or maybe the next n spells, or until canceled. Basically how the Magicka system works but you don't need to cast it every time.
- Combos:

Spell elements
One thing i noticed is in Nox a lot of the spells are just debuff, buff or utility spells. There are actually not that much (useful) attack spells.

- Fire: Fireball, RoF, burn
- Lightning: Energy Bolt, lightning
- Arcane: Death Ray
- Physical/Fire: MoM

Nox elements:
- Fire, lightning, arcane, physical

Magicka elements:
- Fire, lightning, arcane, stone
+ Water, cold, heal, shield
+ Steam, frost, poison

Other element ideas:
- Wind, life, death, nature, light, holy, shadow, darkness, spirit, chaos, demonic, aether, nether, spirit, time

Spell types

Nox types:
- Projectile (fireball, FoN)
- Hitscan (dray, ttt, burn)
- Seeking( MoM, slow etc.)
- Channeled (lightning, drain mana)
- AoE (RoF)
- Buff (FF, protects)
- Wall
- Traps

Magicka types:
- Projectile (earth/ice)
- Beam (death/life)
- Lightning (lightning)
- Spray (fire, cold, water, steam)
- AoE
- Buff
- Wall
- Mines
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