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Discussion: Game Modes

PostPosted: 14. Feb 2018, 17:40
by Quentin
Possible game modes:

FFA Arena/Deathmatch
Either match based or a continuous arena with changing maps (Nox).

Match based capture the flag, requires its own CTF maps.

Duel Arena (Wizard Wars)
1 vs. 1 with spectator area, the loser automatically leaves and a specatator can enter the arena to fight the winner.

Team Arena (like Battlerite) (2 vs. 2), (3 vs. 3), (5 vs. 5)
I'm not convinced team arena is a good fit. It's usually based on team balance and team counters. Although Nox has a few team synergies the gameplay is focused on the individual.

Battle Royale / Last man standing
Battle Royale is basically just last man standing with item hunting mixed in on a big map. Item hunting is already a part of the game anyway so a large Nox LMS would be considered BR i guess. Fits very naturally and BR would also allow for fun campaign-like overpowered items to spawn.

Dominion/Conquest/Point capture (team vs team)
Capture points generate points, they also spawn mobs. Accumulate a certain amount of points to win.

A small co-op survival mode would be realistic, quest style would be nice but the development time required is too high i'm afraid.

King of the Hill
Search and Destroy(Rush) (Requires special maps)

Re: Discussion: Game Modes

PostPosted: 3. Apr 2019, 01:59
by superjack
Where is CTF?

Re: Discussion: Game Modes

PostPosted: 4. Apr 2019, 16:24
by Quentin
It was thrown together with arena :p

"FFA Arena/Deathmatch & CTF (FPS)"

Not very readable i agree, i edited it. :)