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Research: Spell-System

Research: Spell-System

Postby Quentin » 7. Jan 2019, 19:46

Recreation of the fast paced Nox core gameplay is top priority but i don't want to make a 1:1 copy of the spell system.

Magicka spell system
+ Creativity element during spell casting
+ Elemental based nullification and weakness counter system
- Limited spell types, there are dozens of almost the same spells just a little big weaker or stronger
- Learning curve is (unnecessarily) steep because of all the useless spell combinations

Nox spell system
+ Fast paced, no casting time or cooldowns
+ Spelltype based nullification and reversing counter system
- Actually there is one instance of an elemental weakness system: lightning vs. plate armor...
- There is creativity in the selection of your spells, but it's pretty limited

My goal is a spell system which allows for creativity without compromising on the fast pace. Basically the best features from the Nox and Magcika systems merged together. Introducing creativity in the casting process isn't optimal, it's too slow and random. The best way i can think of right now is to introduce interaction and manipulation of already cast spells.

Spell elements
One thing i noticed is in Nox a lot of the spells are just debuff, buff or utility spells. There are actually not that much (useful) attack spells.

- Fireball, RoF, burn ( fire)
- Energy Bolt ( lightning)
- Death Ray (arcane)
- MoM (physical + fire)

Nox elements:
- Fire, lightning, arcane, physical

Magicka elements:
- Fire, lightning, arcane, stone
+ Water, cold, heal, shield
+ Steam, frost, poison

Other elements:
- Wind, life, death, nature, light, holy, shadow, darkness, spirit, chaos, demonic, aether, nether, spirit, time

Spell types

Nox types:
- Projectile (fireball, FoN)
- Hitscan (dray, ttt, burn)
- Seeking( MoM, slow etc.)
- Channeled (lightning, drain mana)
- AoE (RoF)
- Buff (FF, protects)
- Wall
- Traps

Magicka types:
- Projectile (earth/ice)
- Beam (death/life)
- Lightning (lightning)
- Spray (fire, cold, water, steam)
- AoE
- Buff
- Wall
- Mines
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