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Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 26. Sep 2011, 12:43
by JackF + GF (leelou)
Hey, just wanted to know if you recommend nox to everyone interested in old / new / other games whatever.

I do. Someone says
..... "ah.. boring dude.." --> "do you know NOX? sooooooo cooooooool man!"
or.. "hey some good older games which run on my pc?" .. "ever played nox_X? it fucking rox_X"
or.. "what do you do right now?" "i am noxxxxXXXXX_X_X_XING DONT DISTURB ITS JUST TOO SKILLED FOR U"

I even thought about posting some threads on the biggest german e-sports communities. But its kinda gay that you can only play it twice a week and that only if you are lucky cause you are at the right place at the right time.. that kills the fun or interest for most peeps i think. We could try to make some introduction week-ends, with appetizers ( toothpicks + cheese / crackers + sour cream / small roasted pieces of the brain of larboss ) to give new gamers a sample of this cool game. We need simple and clear access to this great game in different languages and at least one good working european server. If there still is a german 1.6 pro series in the next season ( ya, even CS 1.6 is dying .. ) and i am still in the same clan ( the biggest game server hoster in germany ) i think there will be no problem to get a free and very good server. ( If someone can configurate a nox-server ;S )

I am interested in further suggestion. This forum is a beginning, but i don't see any new faces here.

btw: whats the reason the russians set up their server via network instead of using the normal xwis online mode?

So i could say .. "I have a dream" ... which could be realized very low-cost:

- simple structured Website in good english / german / klingonian
..... One-Click download + installer
..... some information about this game that awaken interest
..... clear statement that we try to raise the game/community/amount of players/activity
..... match dates - when something "bigger" is .. - or at the moment i should say - COULD be happening..
..... Basic spell sets, tactics and tips - the game is very newbie-unfriendly .. see pixie .. and shes even nerdy *coughs* ( what i personally like ofc! ;D )

- Good, stable, always online server with most liked maps in pool.
- Some advertisement by users of this forum in other forums f.e.

ALL IN ALL -- > .. easy access to information, the game and community. I mean you can try it by ur own. Give someone who is average talented the exercise to find some information, the game and help @ community. Perhaps he will find the american noxforum trolls and will be pissed off after 5 mins.. oO

So .. who is with me? .. THEY CAN TAKE OUR LIVES.. BUT THEY CAN'T TAKE OUR FREEEEEDOM... ah eh.. this goes to far i think.. ;P

Even if it fails, there is not that much working time wasted for anyone if everyone does a piece of it.

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 27. Sep 2011, 08:54
by evyl
Yeah, cool, man. I like your idea, cuz I want that even more people play nox, but... Nowadays, gamers are too addicted to graphics. They diskile NoX not only because of graphics, but also cuz of its balance, its monotone etc... Personally I think that NoX is NOT boring and it has really good graphics. Also, there is no atmosphere in those new games. Well, my opinion is that this idea (Advertising and establishement of Nox) will fail.

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 27. Sep 2011, 09:18
by superjack
nox sucks man

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 27. Sep 2011, 12:04
by Pixie
nothing fail, cant say succeed...

can always try to add in more people in. i did try few times unfortunate that they only play when i am, and like always my time is like? 2 days a week to be able to play? ^^.

but i found some Europeans on the xwis (around 3 that played years ago) and every time i found one i sanded him to this forum. and he singed to noxforum.

unfortunately that so little people play they also disappear from the lack of peeps.

me, i mostly play on saturdays now, but also its a day i barely see people. dont know when was last time i saw jackf.

so on other words never give up, find ppl drag them in, even i can and did you guys can also.

the other thing is that i dislike and wanted to speak to him about it was Evengard, i like evengard on aspects, but he is easly angered, i wanted to speak to him about all these.. banning from the server, i know its his server but i am still tryign to figure how he cant see that when he ban ppl its takes other people out of this game also?

(alena banned where is she now? and other of the Mirage peeps?) he dosent seem to see that we are barely people as its and banning people is takeing it even more off limits, slowly like this it will only stay us.

as i said i like evengard but when i speak to people i odnt like to trigger the anger and with him its quite easy (just like angering me is easy).

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 27. Sep 2011, 17:41
by Drakano
Good ideas and suggestions. I think we all want a big nox community, so we should look who can do some piece of dv's list. : )
To bring more players inside Nox.

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 5. Oct 2011, 13:19
by superjack
Indeed, I think we need a VPS that we can control first. (like the crappy romanian one, but better pl0x.)
And I still have to send money to drakano, but it just does not ever happen.

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 13. Oct 2011, 13:55
by Pixie
:P advertising nox can be a good idea but i think it includes us to be more active abit dont you think? :P (including me lol)

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 14. Oct 2011, 08:43
by superjack
yeah i'm the most active person

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 14. Oct 2011, 10:15
by Pixie
well this is the thirs week in a raw where i am online and there is no one to play with. absloutly no one.

this week i came back 3 days ago and i been trying to find some games and nothing -.-.

in this rate ill give up trying to log in myself.

Re: Advertising and establishement of Nox

PostPosted: 16. Oct 2011, 16:57
by Dreamweaver
For me, there have already been dozens of weeks like that.