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Nox Sources

PostPosted: 1. Sep 2011, 19:21
by superjack
I made a similar topic in the american forum some day..
Nox download sources to be found here.

The map editor is available from
There's also a version of it here.
And even has hosted a mirror of it:
Not to forget: The updates for the editor are at
Also, some tools for map editing are NXTools, generators and crap. I will send it to you if you ask me nicely.
There's of course also NXModsuite.
Siberian string table editor.
Dunno if that's a russian version.
An old compilation of good custom maps through the times.. (There are like the double of that now)
I also uploaded a shitload of trainers somewhere. Here:
Also, if you have to reinstall WOL but don't have the installer anymore, then here.

Have fun

Re: Nox Sources

PostPosted: 4. Sep 2011, 01:18
by Dreamweaver
Great job! How can I raise karma here?

Re: Nox Sources

PostPosted: 4. Sep 2011, 03:25
by Drakano
We have this karma system:

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